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EPHS Tiger Booster Club

The Elmwood Park High School Tiger Booster Club raises money to contribute to the high school athletic programs.

To join the Booster Club, click here or scan the QR code below. 

The Tiger Booster Club has helped provide exercise equipment, aerodyne bikes, an outdoor PA system, new scoreboards for the gym, updates each year to the EPHS training/weight room and much more.

The organization has also established the Booster Club Scholarship, which annually provides $500 to two male athletes and two female athletes. To be eligible, the student-athlete's family must be a paid member of the Booster Club.

Club Activities

EPHS athletic programs receive Booster Club assistance through many activities, including but not limited to:

  • Concession stands at sports events
  • Candlelight Bowling fundraiser
  • 5K Run/Walk fundraiser
  • Cubs outing
  • Tiger Spirit Wear sales
  • Club membership fee
  • Booster Club meetings are held monthly in the EPHS lunchroom at 7 p.m. on the first Monday of each month. All are welcome to attend.

To Join the Booster Club

Please help the Tiger Booster Club help our student-athletes! Submit this downloadable membership form with your fee of $20 in cash or a check made payable to "EPHS Booster Club."

When you join, don't forget to indicate whether you would be available to help the club with any of the following:

  • Call parents for meetings or events
  • Help organize or work on a fundraising event
  • Help sell Tiger Spirit Wear at athletic events
  • Help with concessions, especially grilling for football games

For More Information

If you have any questions about membership or activities, please contact the Booster Club at 708-583-6475 or use the following email address:

District 401's Policy on Booster Clubs

The activities and procedures of Band Boosters are governed by District 401's policy concerning parent organizations and booster clubs, which can be found in Section 8:90 of the Board of Education's Policy Manual.

While booster clubs have no administrative authority and cannot determine District 401 policy, the Board of Education welcomes their suggestions and assistance.

Use of District and School Names and Logos

As stated in Section 8:90, parent organizations and booster clubs are recognized by the Board and permitted to use the District's name, a District school's name, a District school's team name or any logo attributable to the District provided they first receive the Superintendent or designee's express written consent.

Consent to use one of the above-mentioned names or logos will generally be granted if the organization or club has bylaws containing the following:

  • The organization's or club's name and purpose, such as to enhance students' educational experiences, to help meet educational needs of students, to provide extra athletic benefits to students, to assist specific sports teams or academic clubs through financial support, or to enrich extracurricular activities.
  • The rules and procedures under which it operates.
  • An agreement to adhere to all Board policies and administrative procedures.
  • A statement that membership is open and unrestricted, meaning that membership is open to parents/guardians of students enrolled in the school, District 401 staff and community members.
  • A statement that District 401 is not, and will not be, responsible for the organization's or club's business or the conduct of its members.
  • An agreement to maintain and protect its own finances.
  • A recognition that money given to a school cannot be earmarked for any particular expense. Booster clubs may make recommendations, but cash or other valuable consideration must be given to District 401 to use at its discretion. The Board's legal obligation to comply with Title IX by providing equal athletic opportunity for members of both genders will supersede an organization or club's recommendation.

Permission to use one of the above-mentioned names or logos may be rescinded at any time and does not constitute permission to act as District 401's representative. At no time does the District accept responsibility for the actions of any parent organization or booster club regardless of whether it was recognized and/or permitted to use any of the above-mentioned names or logos.