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Graduation Requirements

With the change in bell schedule to a seven-period school day, a focus on post-secondary pathways for all students, and a need to provide additional daily academic support, there will be a 23.0 credit graduation requirement for students for the Class of 2023 and beyond.

Each semester-long class will count as 0.5 credits, and each year-long class will count as 1.0 credits (0.5 credits for each semester successfully completed).

Beginning with the Class of 2023, there will be three possible graduation distinctions for students to receive based upon the courses they successfully complete: General Studies, Career Pathway and Distinguished Scholar.

The EPHS minimum graduation requirements for all distinctions will include those listed below.

Graduation Distinctions

As mentioned above, starting in 2023 an EPHS graduate will receive a District 401 diploma with one or more distinctions:

  • General Studies
  • Career Pathway
  • Distinguished Scholar

Based on coursework, some students could receive both the Career Pathway AND Distinguished Scholar distinctions.

    • In order to receive a District 401 Diploma with a General Studies distinction, a student's transcript shows all graduation requirements have been completed, but they have not completed enough courses within a sequence to receive the Career Pathway or Distinguished Scholar Distinctions.
    • In order to receive a District 401 Diploma with a Career Pathway distinction, a student's transcript must include:
      • Completion of at least 5.0 credits within one specific Career Pathway and
      • Completion of the Career Pathway Capstone course
    • In order to receive a District 401 Diploma with a Distinguished Scholar distinction, a student's transcript and high school national testing results must include:
      • Completion of 10 or more honors/AP/dual credit courses with a C or better,
      • Meeting/exceeding English and math standards on state test (SAT) and/or
      • Receiving a 3 or better on at least two Advanced Placement exams

Other Information Related to Graduation

In addition to the requirements noted above, students and parents should be aware of the following information concerning EPHS courses, credits, promotion and graduation procedures.