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Transition Program

District 401's Transition Program provides support to young adults 18 to 21 who need help attaining the skills for independent living.

Participation is voluntary for individuals whose need is determined by their IEP team.

The classroom- and community-based program helps participants attain independent daily-living skills, vocational and employment skills, post-secondary education and training, and enhanced proficiency at self-advocacy and self-awareness.

The program is located at Elmwood Park High School.

Program Goals

The focus of the D401 Transition Program is on achieving the following goals:

  • To increase independence in adult-living situations
  • To improve self-advocacy and awareness skills
  • To improve social and communication skills
  • To increase leisure, recreation and life-skills opportunities
  • To experience work-based learning and volunteer work
  • To prepare for community living and participation

How the Program is Organized

Transition programming is determined by each participant's individualized education plan goals and objectives, and instructional activities are driven by individual participant outcomes.

The program is not for credit. Participant success is measured by progress toward individualized goals and objectives.

Transition does not operate on a bell schedule. Participant schedules are based on real time, and therefore each participant comes and goes based on his or her individualized schedule.

To visit the Transition Program's website, where you can learn about program activities and services in greater detail, please click here

Program Faculty & Staff

The Transition Program is offered through District 401's Student Services Department, which is directed by Dr. Stephanie Daly. Our staff consists of the following individuals.


Speech Therapist & Social Worker

Megan Bremer

Speech-Language Pathologist
Elmwood Park High School

Special Education Paraprofessionals

Evelina Felcman

Special Education Paraprofessional
Elmwood Park High School